Jamaica | 2013 | 20 mins

“6:00 AM: JOEL,” tells the story of Joel, a man who feels he is living on the edge of sanity.  He feels he is about to fall into a pit of total and complete despair, from which he will never return. As miserable as his life generally is, on this particular day, it is about to take a turn for the “worse.”  Today, Joel receives a visit from a mysterious stranger, who offers him a chance to make it all better … at a cost.

About Wayne

Wayne Benjamin is a video Producer, Director, Cinematographer, and Editor, who owns and operates Fabrikated ProjeX.  He is also a screen writer who has written all his productions, from music video treatments, TV Shows and short films such as 6am: Joel, The Croft and Us&Them.   Wayne has been a video producer since the mid nineties, who started out as a photographer for thirteen (13) Years. The skills he learned as a photographer helped to morph his talents as a cinematographer, giving him a better understanding of how to manipulate lights and depth of field and such things, these techniques can be seen in all videos and movies produced by Fabrikated ProjeX.

Fabrikated ProjeX is a production unit that specializes primarily in the production of music videos,EPKs and Tour Documentaries, but also does a lot of corporate projects such as Company Profiles, training DVDs, Television ads, infomercials, general documentaries and short Films.  The company is also responsible for the creation of Television shows such as, The Lab Video game TV,Dancehall Glory, Real Estate Complete and more .

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