Trinidad & Tobago | 2012 | 40 mins

“A STORY ABOUT WENDY 1,” tells the story of Wendy Phillips’ life, which spirals out of control after the sudden departure of her fiancé.  Wendy is forced to move back in with her parents.  Now, Wendy’s Mother and best friend, Giselle, are concerned Wendy is hanging out with deviant, Sylvia. Wendy hopes landing a job with Television Presenter Simone Davies, will help get her back on her feet … but Simone has other plans for Wendy.

About Sean

Sean’s passion for filmmaking began as a young child, when he would borrow his father’s VHS Camcorder to shoot “horror” films. After obtaining a degree in Geography and Environmental Policy from Brock University in Canada, he moved back to Trinidad and a chance encounter with a local Producer steered him into the world of video production. As a production coordinator, he was given the opportunity to work in the industry that he had always dreamed of. With a Certificate in Filmmaking from the London Film Academy in 2009, Sean has not looked back.

In 2010, he penned his first screenplay, and two years later, A Story About Wendy premiered at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival/12, with the first screening selling out in a record 45 minutes. The phenomenal success of A Story About Wendy has paved the way for the sequel “A Story About Wendy 2,” which will premiere at the Zanzibar International Film Festival in June 2014. Sean has gone on to produce “The Weekend,” and the feature film, “Trafficked.”

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