Juan Francisco Pardo

Aruba | 2012 | 12 mins

“AWA BRAK” (Brackish Water), tells the story of a young woman, Glenda, who lives in a wooden house on the beach. She survives on fish, water and memories. Her search for herself is an intricate game of coping with the past and luring the infinite future.

About Juan

Juan Francisco Pardo is an Aruban filmmaker. His first film, 10 Ave Maria, won the Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the TTFF ’11. His second film, Awa Brak, won Best Short Film at the AIFF ’12 and a Special Jury Mention at the TTFF ’12. His first feature-length film, Abo So, won Best Caribbean Spotlight Series AIFF ’13 and Best Narrative Film BIFF’14. Alto Vista is his most recent film.

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