Kafi Kareem and Shane Young Sing

Trinidad & Tobago | 2019 | 4 mins

Sheila calls on her brave husband Dan for help when she spots a cockroach in their bathroom. But when the roach flies, Dan loses all sense and imagines that the roach is a kung-fu master who he must fight with all his might to protect his defenceless wife. After observing Dan’s approach to tackling the roach problem, Sheila decides to handle the pest herself. In the end, Dan still takes all the credit.

About Kafi

Kafi is an emerging writer/director and winner of the 2018 trinidad+tobago film festival’s (ttff) Caribbean Film Mart. Having gained script development experience as a reader at boutique literary management companies Radmin Company and Madhouse Entertainment, Kafi’s career background includes positions in family content programming, curation and online video publishing for kids content powerhouses Disney and PBS in addition to recent Viacom acquisition Pluto TV. She is an alum of American University’s Center for Social Impact Media.


About Shane

Shane is a passionate animator with a love for bringing Great characters to life. Having animated for some of the most prominent animation companies in Trinidad & Tobago, he is the recipient of the 2012 Animae Caribe award for Best Caribbean Animation. He has animated for Disney Channel series, LoliRock.



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