Trinidad & Tobago | 2015 | 29 mins

“DREAMS IN TRANSIT,” is a poetic, cine-essay style documentary reflecting on the theme of identity and belonging for contemporary migrants. The narrator, a London-based Trinidadian, returns to the Caribbean to explore the meaning of ‘home’ and where it is that both migrants and non-migrants might be said to ‘belong’. Using a kaleidoscopic collage approach the film mixes actuality, poetry, narration, fiction, and interviews with a range of people: from fishermen to artists and cultural commentators. Interwoven throughout is a meditative narration that finds inspiration from the poets Derek Walcott and Martin Carter, as well as the presence of a mysterious ‘dream woman’.

Perhaps identity is not so much a fact but a production, which is never complete, always in process.

DREAMS IN TRANSIT, was shot in both Trinidad & Tobago and London, UK, with an evocative musical score by renowned composer Dominique Le Gendre and the narration voiced by London-based Trinidadian actor, Martina Laird. The film was produced by Riposte Pictures.

About Karen

KAREN MARTINEZ, originally from Trinidad, has produced and directed several documentaries for Channel 4, The Arts Council, The Trinidad Film Company and others. She made her first drama After Mas set in Port-of-Spain which won Best Short Award at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2013. More recently she made Dreams in Transit a lyrical documentary-essay about identity, migration and ‘home’ which won the Caribbean Spirit Award at The Caribbean Tales Festival in Toronto. She is currently in development with Scattered, her first feature-length film.

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