Trinidad & Tobago-Dominican Republic | 2014 | 16 mins

“EL CAST,” tells the story of young Jonas mostly living on his own.  When Jonas loses a package that may cost him dearly, it is up to his quick-witted friend Paz to help him come up with a solution to his problems.

About Shea

Shea Best, is a young filmmaker from Trinidad and Tobago. Born in 1991 in the twin island republic, he grew up being immersed in various extra curricular activities inclusive of the arts. He participated in theatre production – acting, dance and minor technical stage work with a faith based arts company COPAC.

Shea double majored in Film Production and Film Studies at the University of the West Indies.  He has worked on numerous films in different capacities in the USA, Dominican Republic and T&T.

His directorial work includes Darkie (2011/2012), which played in festivals and private screenings all over the Caribbean.  Most notably the Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival and the Antigua and Barbuda International Film Festival. His most recent work, The Cast (2013), was shot under Vin Diesels’ One Race Films, in the Dominican Republic.  It premiered at the Dominican Republic International Film Festival (2013), and then the Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival.

His most notable film experience to date is his personal internship with actor Will Smith on After Earth in 2012.

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