Martinique | 2014 | 11 mins

“ENTRE DEUX” – A man is alone in a wasteland, when a phone in a booth rings … He hesitates, but finally picks up the phone. An unknown woman is talking, mistaking him for someone else …

About Nadia

Nadia Charlery, is a French Director from Martinique. After graduating from ESRA (college of Media & cinéma) in PARIS, she decided to return to Martinique, to live and express her passion for film there.  For several years, she worked as assistant director and producer, and casting director for advertisements, feature films, and tv programs, with various productions companies.

Her first short film as director, ” Le pense bête,” received an award in an Ecological festival.

Her second short film ” In Betwen,” produce byd Chronoprod, received the first prize in a short movie contest – Prix de Court, in the Antilles Guiana 2013 Film Festival, and the “Special Choice of the Jury, ” at the FEMI Festival.  She followed this with another short film, “35minutes before 40,” which was nominated for the 2015 Festival Prix de court.

Also interested in script writing, the screenplay for her short movie, “Ti Coq,” won a prize in Cannes at the HOHOHA Script Contest. This short is currently in the festival circuit.

At the same time, she works on vidéo clips, documentaries, advertising and TV programs.

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