Fever Dream

Nile Saulter

Jamaica | 2017 | 13 mins

Enry is a scrap metal collector, leading a solitary existence on the edge of the sprawling Riverton City landfill. As he prepares to take advantage of a rare and promising opportunity, disaster strikes, forcing him to vacate his home. Meanwhile, he is plagued by dreams of a beautiful life once lived, or yet to come.

On the advice of a sinister friend, Enry travels out of town for a job which promises to provide a spark of hope. On this journey he finds something greater than he could ever imagine.

About Nile

Nile Saulter is a Jamaican director, cinematographer, photographer, and founding member of New Caribbean Cinema. He’s written, shot and directed various short films, short docs, fashion films and commercial projects, which have been screened at gallery shows and film festivals in the US, Europe, The Caribbean and Africa. He’s currently working on his first feature film script.

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