Thursday, July 2, 2020


Maya Cozier Trinidad & Tobago | 14 mins A teenage girl finds that becoming a glamorous soca-music dancer is a lot harder than she first reckoned.   COMING...


Kojo McPherson Guyana | 15 mins Adero, a man of Amerindian and African heritage tries to find himself in the world.  Having grown up as an...


Juan Pablo Daranas Molina Cuba / NY | 13 mins A Cuban immigrant tries to find her place in New York City.   to watch more great...

Oseyi and the Masqueraders

Alwin Bully Dominica | 30 mins Oseyi, an eight-year-old boy, lives in the village of Colihaut, in Dominica, which is the home of a particular masquerade/carnival...

Big Man Dan – Coming Soon!

Kafi Kareem + Shane Young Sing Trinidad & Tobago | 4 mins Sheila calls on her brave husband, Dan, for help when she spots a cockroach...

Vwé Kafé – Coming Soon!

  An elderly villager makes coffee the traditional way.  

Igna- Coming Soon!

Sandra Vivas Dominica | 10 mins Igna, tells the story of the resilience of one-handed, yet epically unchallenged, Ignatius Mitchel, aka Igna. An unassuming father of...

Pappy – Coming Soon!

Sandra Vivas Dominica | 10 mins For the last 30 years, Pappy, has been running unsuccessfully, for Prime Minister of Dominica. Each time gaining fewer votes...

March of the Mokos – Coming Soon!

Kim Johnson Trinidad & Tobago | 21 mins This documentary on the stilt walking Carnival art in Trinidad + Tobago centres on head of Keylemanjahro cultural...