Trinidad & Tobago | 2012 | 14 mins

“FISH,” a gritty urban tale, tells the story of two homeless cousins desperately trying to survive the streets of Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad. Thieves by street credit, they routinely hunt the local market in search of unsuspecting shoppers.  But times are getting harder and the pickings slimmer. Will fortune favor the brave? Or will their desperate actions lead to their demise?

With its stunning visuals, beautiful cinematography, strong acting, and intense story, Fish is one amazing film.

About Shaun

Shaun Escayg was born in twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. At age 16, he was given a PA summer job at Mc Cann Erikson. On one of his routine days of fetching coffee and delivering mail he was offered a chance to design the calendar cover of the Royal Bank Of Trinidad and Tobago. An offer he eagerly accepted. The cover was a huge success and confirmed his interest in pursuing art as a career. Later that year Shaun met with one of Carnival’s legends Peter Minshall. He had always been inspired by Minshall’s work and landed an interview with the legendary Mass-man for his school thesis.

At 20, Shaun attended the School of Comunication Arts Of Raliegh NC, USA where he pursued a career in 3D animation. After graduating from the School Of Communication Arts in 1997, he returned home to pursue a career in film and animation. It wasn’t long before he was hired by one of the leading companies in the country Video Associates where he began working on numerous commercials and documentaries.

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