Trinidad & Tobago | 2014 | 25 mins

“FLYING THE COUP” – The neighbourhood troublemaker and a police officer on his first day on duty, reluctantly team up in order to escape Port-of-Spain during the first day of the 1990 attempted coup. They trip over each other’s personalities as they stumble to escape the chaos filled streets of the capital.

About Ryan

Born into a family of photography enthusiasts in Trinidad & Tobago, Ryan Lee was imbued with a passion for capturing images on film. Later in his childhood he fell in love with music and he would eventually follow this passion to study sound engineering at SAE Institute of Technology in Miami. During this time, he never strayed far from his passion for portraying life on film.

After graduating in the top three of his class he returned to Trinidad and while working in the production department of a radio station, UNICEF in collaboration with MTV used the building to shoot a film for World Aids Day. It was while working on the set of this film that his eyes were fully opened to the filmmaking world and would be one of the factors that led him to enroll in the Film Programme at The University of the West Indies. While there he achieved a B.A in Film Production and was amongst the top graduates of his year winning all three awards available to final year film students. In 2014 he was nominated for the Dream Big Award and got the opportunity to visit the set of Will Smith’s Concussion (2015).

During his first year at the UWI Film Programme, his first film, Popo’s Journey was selected to be screened at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2012 (ttff/12). Since then two more of his films (Cubes & Flying the Coup) have been selected for the festival with Flying the Coup, his final year film in the UWI Film Programme, winning the People’s Choice Award for a short film at the ttff/14. Popo’s Journey was also selected for screening at the Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Toronto 2015.

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