Keon Hector and Dwayne Jordan

Guyana | 5 mins

A young man is mourning the death of his grandmother, until he makes a “discovery,” in a book she left behind.

Directors: Keon Hector and Dwayne Jordan
Cinematographer: Keon Hector
Editors: Dwayne Jordan and Keon Hector
Sound Engineer: Dwayne Jordan
Writer: Travis Rawlins

Cast: Travis Rawlins

*Gypsy was made as part of the inaugural 592 48HR Film Challenge, held in Guyana, by Bent Street Films.

About Dwayne

Dwayne Jordan, is a beginner filmmaker based in Georgetown, Guyana. He works full-time as a photographer/videographer, where he mainly does photoshoots and wedding films. He studied photography at the School of Nations and is self-taught as a videographer. He co-directed “Gypsy,” his first short film and it won the awards for Best Film (both by the Jury and Audience), Best Sound, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography. Dwayne enjoys videography and hopes to one day further his studies in Cinematography, and to direct his first feature length film, in Guyana.



About Bent Street Films

Bent Street Films LLC is a film and media production company and consultancy service geared towards creating creative projects independently and collaboratively in the US and abroad.

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