Gavin Mendonca

Guyana | 2018 | 11 mins

A lone guitarist sits on the Sea Wall, on Guyana’s Atlantic coast, strumming his guitar. He closes his eyes and begins hearing powerful words in the ancient and native Patamona language, perhaps the voice of ‘Kai’. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself in a new, unfamiliar place. Guided by the words he just heard, he begins his journey through the rainforest of Guyana, toward the ‘Top of the World’. The journey is a tedious one but rewards him with knowledge and wisdom, and a renewed appreciation for his Home, Guyana.


About Gavin

Gavin Mendonca is a young Guyanese Musician, born in the heart of Georgetown on Christmas Eve 1991, and in 2011, Gavin found his calling: Punk Rock!

As one of a very few ‘Punk Rockers’ in Guyana, he made a name for himself in the local rock community as well as on the National scene, signing with local label Kross Kolor Records. Since January 2014, Gavin is also the host of his self-produced radio show – Radio Rock ‘n’ Roll, Guyana’s Premier Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio show, bringing rock music to a wider audience, and allows a platform for Rock Music from all around the Caribbean/Region to be heard on Guyana’s National Radio Station. He is also an advocate for more local content on Guyanese Radio; as well as one of the directors of the annual ‘Rupununi Music and Arts Festival’.

Gavin has represented Guyanese Rock ‘n’ Roll multiple times in Trinidad, as well as Suriname, Colombia and Dominican Republic, the UK and the US. Also a composer, he has written many songs that are patriotic and tell a story about being Guyanese, such as ‘City By De Tides’ (a song about his home town) and ‘The Great Rebellion’ (a song about Cuffy, and the 1763 Berbice Slave Rebellion) and the 2015 Christmas Hit ‘Cause Is Christmas (in Guyana)’.

He is also currently the bassist of local Heavy Metal band – Feed The Flames. He has managed to fuse Guyanese Culture, which is truly unique, with Rock ‘n’ Roll, creating an entirely new sub-genre of Rock Music – Creole Rock. Gavin’s main aim is to contribute to the preservation of Guyanese Culture and Heritage through his works.

His first solo album, titled ‘CREOLE ROCK: THE BEGINNING’, was released in April 2016. In May 2018, Gavin released his first Short Film – ‘How To Build A Tree House’ – which incorporated the use of Patamona Language and Folklore, and was filmed at Kaieteur Falls and it’s environs.

Gavin is currently in the studio with his drummer, ‘Chucky’, recording a new Folk Album. It will be released in August 2019 and is all part of his currently ongoing ‘Folk It Up Tour’ – a mission to bring back Folk Music into modern society by performing in as many public spaces as possible.

Visit his official website at for more information.

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