USA-Grenada | 2012 | 16 mins

Shifting from the past and the present I’LL BE THERE, tells the story of two brothers dealing with the effects of bullying.

Only having each other to depend on, Nathan takes care of his younger brother Anthony while their mother is away at rehab. From what seemed like a one time thing at a park, Anthony falls victim to bullying by two kids at his school who have it out for him. Nathan tries to comfort and reassure Anthony that he’s safe and he’ll take care of him.

Unbeknown to Nathan, Anthony endures the constant bullying at school in order to keep Nathan out of trouble and in fear of retaliation from the bullies. As our time shifting story jumps from Anthony and Nathans perspective both brothers are confronted with decisions that change them forever; death and vengeance.

About Justen

“I grew up on a small Caribbean island called Carriacou, 13sq miles, population 5800 and 2,102 miles SE of my birth place Brooklyn, NY. Too much info? Yea, thats what I thought too, so on to the good stuff. I live in Brooklyn. I am a computer engineer for J.P. Morgan. I also enjoy being a film artist, where I focus on direction and cinematic design. Fun stuff right? Booyah! I am very passionate about the development of the kids of tomorrow’s future. I feel engaged to help shape it.

Besides being a big thinker, I enjoy alot of outdoor activities.” (about.me/JustenBlaize)

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