Trinidad & Tobago | 2005 | 28 mins

“JEFFREY’S CALYPSO,” tells the story of Jeffrey, a man trapped in a life decided for him by his father.  An accountant at a large oil company, Jeffrey hides his passion for calypso music. His dead grandfather, a calypso icon of the 1950’s, transforms him through a box of old clothes and records. With new-found charisma, Jeffrey breaks free, defying race and class boundaries and winning the heart of an edgy, carefree girl named Kala.

About Vashti

Vashti Anderson is a Trinidadian-American filmmaker who holds an MFA in Film from New York University. MOKO JUMBIE, her narrative feature film, was supported by grants from Film Independent, Canon, the Chris Columbus/Richard Vague Production Award for NYU Alumni, and the Filmmaker Residency Program at the Bahamas International Film Festival. It was selected for the Filmmaker Immersion Program at the Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival.

Her narrative short film, Jeffrey’s Calypso, has won prizes and awards and national and international film festivals. It has been curated for special screenings and distributed by Anansi Studios and WIN TV. Currently, Vashti has a project in development, based on “Bored in Brementown,” a short story she wrote, which was published by Akashic Books.

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