Trinidad & Tobago | 2012 | 12 mins

“ONE GOOD DEED,” tells the story of 10 year old Johnny.  He is a bright but naughty boy living in a small country village in Trinidad. From terrorizing his brother to stealing mangoes from the neighbors, he causes no end of trouble for his mother. Left alone to look after his brother one day, Johnny’s true nature is revealed when he encounters some Douens – mischievous spirits of children that haunt the forest.

About Juliette

Originally from Trinidad, Juliette McCawley began her career as a Writer/Director in the United States, after acting for over 15 years.   Her involvement in film continued during her five years in Shanghai where she wrote, produced, directed and edited a variety of film projects – from award winning short films to corporate films for major international companies, to collaborating on Chinese and international films. Also an accomplished award winning photographer, her photos have appeared in Chinese and European magazines.

Here short films have been seen in film festivals in Chile, Trinidad, Canada and the UK.  Currently based in Trinidad, West Indies she continues to look for projects that inspire and challenge.

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