Jamaica | 2013 | 13 mins

“SUNDAY,” tells the story of Randy.

With a vigilante crowd and the police on his tail a gunman seeks refuge in the neighborhood church. Will Randy find redemption or is it too late? Sunday is a look at salvation among imperfect circumstances.

About Kyle

Kyle Chin, is a true son of the Jamaican film industry and has experience in many areas of the film world. Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Philosophy from the University of West Indies.  He then attended Los Angles Film School where he studied the art of filmmaking.

Upon returning to Jamaica he was invited to join New Caribbean Cinema; an association of young, up and coming filmmakers with a desire to create communal films with a Caribbean perspective.

Since then he has created films exploring man’s ability to overcome adversity, as in ‘IAMKING’ and tackled one’s capacity for redemption in ‘Sunday.’

Kyle has also been involved in the production of a number of commercial projects, including campaigns for PUMA, Digicel, Lime and Supligen.

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