Shirley Bruno

Haiti | 2017 | 29 mins

A restless daughter meets a spirit-fish who gives her pure water but as her family devours the delicious water, they become suspicious about the origin of its taste.

About Shirley

Shirley Bruno is a Haitian-­‐American filmmaker living and working between Paris, New York, and Haiti. She conjures up modern myths that expose the slippery spaces between the physical and metaphysical world, between collective memory and history. She searches the everyday, the sacred, and the intimate violence in the things left unsaid, particularly between women, that mark us generation after generation. Her last two short films, “An Excavation of Us,” and “Tezen,” have been shown in film festivals, galleries, and television internationally. Currently, she is writing her first feature film with LIM lab, part of Le Groupe Ouest.

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