St. Lucia | 2012 | 35 mins

“THE COMING OF ORG,” is based on short stories written by John Robert Lee, a Saint Lucian writer.  They were adapted for the screen by his daughter, Executive Producer and Director, Davina Lee. The story takes a look at three different people who come face to face with their inner demons in three separate ways. The movie highlights Saint Lucian folk stories and music, with most of the dialogue in French Creole.

In the first story, Tison, the main character, is a popular radio DJ in Saint Lucia. He has grown up, like many others in his village, hearing of characters from ancient folklore passed down from generation to generation. He lives his life as a carefree womanizer, until the day he comes face to face with Org. At the climactic moment of his experience, the folk culture collides with his modern life and he “meets his Org.”

In the second story, Charlo, we meet Tison again but as a musician and rising star. He moves in next door to an old man, Charlo. Charlo has never seen Tison clearly, but via the sound coming through the thin partition that divides their rooms.  The old man is witness to Tison’s growth as a musician. There are tell-tale signs the old man used to be a folk musician and through Tison’s growth, the old man’s yearnings for music are once again awakened.

For the final and third story, Jennifer, Terrance and the Baby, Tison returns home for a visit after international success. What he comes back to, is a community filled with gun violence and abuse. The story however revolves around Jennifer, an old friend of Tison, who is a victim of domestic abuse. In a moment of rage and revenge she makes a huge mistake in judgment.

About Davina

Davina Lee Films, is a film production company based in Saint Lucia, specializing in films, music videos, documentaries, television shows and commercials. Filmmaker Davina Lee runs the Company.  She has a BFA in Film and has ten years of experience in production.  She has produced films, television programs, music videos and commercials. Another producer in the company, Esther Lee-Leach is based in Denver Colorado, she holds a MFA in Fashion Journalism and has had 10 years’ experience in television production.

Davina Lee Films’ aim is to produce high quality films with a Caribbean aesthetic by capturing the essence of traditional storytelling, music and vibrancy of the islands and export it to the World.

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