Cordell McClure

Guyana | 5 mins

After receiving an initial cut on his upper torso, Geof manages to escape a savage group. He flees the angry, weapon-wielding group, but his quest for freedom is short-lived.

Director: Cordell McClure
Producer: Thalissa McClure
Camera: Kadija McClure
Editors: Cordell McClure, Thalissa McClure
Audio: Corissa McClure
Driver: Jason Leitch

Cast: Geoffrey La Rose / Natoya Leitch / Dale Edwards / Kenneth Braitwaite / Akeem Thornhill

*The Cut was made as part of the inaugural 592 48HR Film Challenge, held in Guyana, by Bent Street Films.

About Cordell

Cordell McClure has more than 22 years of experience in the media. He began his career as a technical operator at the Guyana Television Broadcasting Network (now NCN). From 2005-2008, he managed Tobago Channel 5 (a television station based in Tobago). He later established his own video production company and served as a news correspondent. 

In 2012, he launched the first 24-hour Christian Television Channel in Tobago, the Tobago Inspirational Network ( He is active in the field of communications and recently started working on films. “The Cut,” is the first film he actually completed, but he has many more planned.


About Bent Street Films

Bent Street Films LLC is a film and media production company and consultancy service geared towards creating creative projects independently and collaboratively in the US and abroad.

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