Grace Hutson

Guyana | 5 mins

A visual reflection on exactly where your enemy really resides.

Director/Writer: Grace Hutson
Music: Guava Productions / Ronelsa Christian

Cast: Onix Duncan, Sasha Williams, Grace Hutson

Production Company: Rajk_productions

*The Enemy was made as part of the inaugural 592 48HR Film Challenge, held in Guyana, by Bent Street Films.

About Grace

I am a 21 year old Marketing Assistant at Kronoco Saftey Solutions. I am also a poet, songwriter, graphic designer, blogger, model and SRHR advocate. “I always believe indoing it all while I still have life. It’s not about money or reputation, but being a vessel for inspiration.” My alter ego is “The Olive” – a reminder to maintain resiliency.



About Bent Street Films

Bent Street Films LLC is a film and media production company and consultancy service geared towards creating creative projects independently and collaboratively in the US and abroad.

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