a film by SHARON LEWIS
2009 | 11 mins

LOGLINE:  In a dystopian future a woman risks death to grow a flower.

SYNOPSIS: Chains is a short film that takes place in a dystopian future where the poor are forced to live underground with no natural light and scarce water. Chain is starved for beauty in her desolate underground community of scavengers.  She appears to commit the crime of growing a flower by using scarce water. Munk, a religious zealot oversees the bizarre roulette type death punishment this act of defiance brings. Chain’s lover breathes in this world’s only flower as he stands beside her ready to take a bullet for her. The gun is loaded and the trigger is squeezed…

Chains Filmmography:

  • American Black Film Festival Finalist
  • Eugene International Film Festival WINNER of Best Short Sci Fi
  • Toronto International Film Festival – Special Presentation
  • Chicago International Film Festival
  • Reel World Film Festival
  • AIRED ON HBO, CBC, aspireTV

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